Health Insurance for the Self Employed

You are thinking about going to work for yourself. By being self employed, you don�t have to put up with that unreasonable boss, you can set your own effective work schedule, you will work for someone who appreciates you and you know you can do the job required more efficiently.

You have not entered into this phase of your life lightly and you have done your homework. Part of your education and research reveals the available tax benefits and the maximizing of your retirement plan through a SEP.

However, not working for somebody puts the responsibility of a personal health insurance plan squarely upon your shoulders. There are a number of options that your can explore in looking for health insurance. Some of these options include COBRA coverage, being listed as a dependent on your spouse�s insurance, joining an association or arranging for your own individual health plan.

COBRA Coverage

When leaving your job, a temporary option in acquiring health insurance would be COBRA. COBRA is an acronym for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act and is a federal law requiring companies of 20 or more employees to extend the company�s medical coverage to departing employees. This insurance is paid into by the departing employee for medical coverage for up to 18 months.

This health insurance typically costs more due to the fact that payment of the full premium is incurred by the departing employee plus administrative fees. Generally, COBRA is a good option if there are ongoing health matters. This is due to the fact that you cannot be disqualified for any existing medical conditions. After the 18 months of COBRA coverage, continuation in the same insurance plan, at the individual premium, can continue.

Dependent Coverage

Another option would be inclusion on a spouse�s health insurance coverage. Often this option is less expensive than COBRA because of the benefit of using a company�s buying power for their employees. Additionally, some companies offer domestic partner insurance for their employees.

Association Coverage

Another viable option of attaining quality and less expensive health insurance is by taking advantage of your membership in an association. Often, more affordable health insurance coverage is brokered by associations. These associations could be professional or trade groups, or through college alumni associations if you are a college graduate. Exploring these possibilities can be accomplished by asking other self employed individuals, the small business association or through your local Chamber of Commerce.

Individual Plan

There are many health insurance plans suited to meet the individual. These plans and premiums are as diverse as the needs of those looking for health insurance. The variations of these plans include the cost itself for the insurance, prescription costs and benefits and deductibles. Additionally, plans can be purchased that are geared towards a specific number of months needed for coverage.

The best option in shopping for health insurance is to search the Internet. Your findings will not only provide you quotes and the details of each plan, but, in searching, you may discover dissatisfaction comments from customers who have posted their experience in dealing with a particular health insurance company.